Roasting is the alchemical process that transforms the green bean into a delicate brown bean. Coffee beans are exposed to high heat in a chamber that rotates them to ensure balanced exposure to the roasting heat.

Coffee roasting is a simultaneous process of creation and destruction. Intense heat disrupts the molecular compounds and the woody structure of the beans. Starches are broken down into simple sugars which, as the roasting process continues, are caramelized back to complex sugars giving the beans their brown color and a hint of sweetness.

As the beans develop into a dark roast, the floral aromatics, fruit acids and caffeine diminish. What is gained, however, is a pleasantly bitter edge, a darker caramel taste, and a velvety smoothness. More roasting notes.


Before roasting, green coffee can be expected to last almost a full year if kept under cool and dry conditions. More than a few weeks after roasting, however, what made a fine coffee wonderful will deteriorate into something undrinkable.

Offering coffee on a fresh basis is a major challenge for the coffee roaster. We ensure that the roasters of La Torcaza Estate are small to mid-sized roasters with the experience, consistent style and quality approach that guarantees fresh quality beans.

Quality roasters are artisans who over time develop a style that highlights the characteristics of a coffee which they prize. Each roaster licensed to sell La Torcaza Estate produces a unique style coffee from the raw beans. Some will emphasize its delicate and balanced fruitiness, while others will choose to accentuate the smooth, almost buttery sweetness. All deliver one of the most delicious coffee experiences possible.

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We encourage you to visit your local roaster to see the roasting process firsthand...


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