A few of our roasters--

A passion for coffee is the driving force behind Gayla Moore and Moore Coffee of Santa Barbara, California. She takes a very "hands-on" approach to its operation: cupping and selecting beans and teas; roasting and flavoring all of her own coffee; personally delivering to and meeting with her wholesale clients. It all adds up to long hours for Gayla. But, in the end, it all pays off for her. Her insistence on quality, consistency, and freshness means that she always delivers a product she believes in.

Moore Coffee
MOORECOFFEE.COM  or (800) 994-8060

Located in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, Lighthouse Roasters is quietly taking the city by storm. Lighthouse's roastmaster is Ed Leebrick who learned his craft over years of working at a better known Seattle coffee roaster. Now on his own, Ed's coffee has won acclaim in coffee tasting competitions with other Northwest roasters. Known for his focus on quality and freshness, Ed roasts on a small 25 lb. roaster which allows him to pay personal attention to each roast and ensure freshness to his customers.

"La Torcaza Estate beans are a pleasure to roast. I look to achieve a full city roast. This is the exact point of development where the coffee reveals balanced acidity, chocolaty body, and sweet smoothness." - Ed

Lighthouse Roasters
400 N. 43rd
Seattle, WA 98103
TEL. 206-633-4444
FAX 206-860-0882

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